The Ridden Work

Every horse is an individual and needs to be trained as such. Although the principles I use are the same, the techniques the same the application may vary from horse to horse.

When I ride a horse I take a lot of factors into the equation. I look at the past training of the horse, his fitness and condition, his conformation and character and look to where his strengths and weaknesses may lie.

I take what nature has given the horse and through a systematic, gymnastic training programme that is based on balance, straightness, progressive development of both the mental and physical aspects I enhance the way of going and prolong his working life.

My ethos develops the horse to go as much for himself as for the rider; not to shut down his thought process but to open it. Through my teaching I encourage riders to assess more of what is going on, not to simply barrage the horse with aids in the hope that some may work. When the rider understands the cause and effect of their position, their aids and their riding attitude they bring to the arena a whole new dimension and with this the quality of work they can produce really does leap forwards.

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Cookie is a correctly
engaged working trot

Cookie in the left trot

Bear in piaffe

Ollie at the start of
his training with me

Waltz Othello aka "Ollie"

Ollie in the trot half pass

Ollie in the free walk

Trot half pass in competition

Ollie in the prize giving

Amoroso, a PRE stallion

Aby in the working trot

The 4 year old Rochea

Waltz Othello, winner of the Horslxy Medium Championship 2003

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