Books and Videos

The following is a list of books and videos that I have found to be not only enlightening but very informative. Some of them have very good anecdotes but all of them are well worth a read.

Book list:

  1. 'Training the Horse in Hand' - Alfons J. Dietz
  2. 'Schooling Horse In-Hand' - Richard Hinrichs
  3. 'The Complete Training of Horse and Rider' - Alois Podhajsky
  4. 'My horses, my teachers' - Alois Podhajsky
  5. 'The Riding Teacher' - Alois Podhajsky
  6. 'The Simplicity of Dressage' - Johann Hinnemann and Coby van Baalen
  7. 'Dressage for the 21st Century' - Paul Belasik
  8. 'Exploring dressage Technique' - Paul Belasik
  9. 'Riding Towards the Light' - Paul Belasik
  10. 'The Songs of Horses' - Paul Belasik
  11. 'Work books from the Spanish Riding School' - Charles Harris
  12. 'Dressage in Lightness' - Sylvia Loch
  13. 'The Principles of Riding' - The German F.N.
  14. 'Advanced Techniques of Riding - The German F.N.
  15. 'Dressage Formula' - Erik F Herbermann
  16. 'A Horsemans Notebook' - Erik F Herbermann
  17. 'Dressage in Harmony' - Walter Zettl
  18. 'Principles of Dressage' - Brigadier General Kurt Albrecht
  19. 'Piaffe and Passage' - General Decarpentry
  20. 'Horses are made to be horses' - Franz Mairinger
  21. 'School of Horsemanship' - Francois Robichon de la Gueriniere
  22. 'Reflections of an Equestrian Art' - Nuno Oliveira
  23. 'Misconceptions and Simple Truths in Dressage' - Dr HLM van Schaik
  24. 'The Gymnasium of the Horse' - G. Steinbrecht
  25. 'The Maneige Royal' - Pluvinel

Video list:

  1. *New* 'Classical Schooling' - Kalman de Jurenak (comes in 2 parts)
  2. 'School of Horsemanship' - Egon von Neindorff
  3. 'The Art of Classical Dressage' - Arthur Kottas (comes in 7 parts)
  4. 'Classical Dressage' - Philippe Karl (comes in 4 parts)

This is by no means a complete list, but if there are any books or videos that you feel should belong to this list then e-mail Simon and let us know.

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