Work from the ground:


A poem I have written regarding in-hand work.


This is the lungeing article that 'Your Horse' magazine did with me.

The Work In-hand

More notes on my in-hand work, including a another video link.

'Ted', in hand. Explanation and video

An in-hand video with written explanation of the work being performed.


The art of working the horse on the lunge.

Ridden Work:

The Riders Position

An explanation of the dressage position

The Aids

The conversation between the rider and the horse

The Riding Arena's

The two sizes of arenas with their markers

Test Figures

Some basic test figures with their dimensions.

Arena Craft

Top Tips from the BD Forumites to improve test riding.

Corners - Its all in the preparation

The Art of riding a good corner.

Half Pass

A brief look at which hind leg is the primary working leg.

Schooling Plans:

Schooling Plan 8

Using the Square.

Schooling Plan 7

To improve the canter by increasing lateral suppleness.

Schooling Plan 6

This one is for improving the lateral bend and suppleness.

Schooling Plan 5

This one is for improving the flying change.

Schooling Plan 4

This one is for improving the half pass.

Schooling Plan 3

This one can help with improving transitions.

Schooling Plan 2

This one for canter work for the more advanced horse.

Schooling Plan 1

A structure is a good idea for your schooling session.



A few thoughts on Consistency in Training

Is Dressage For Me?

What are the advantages of dressage for you

On the Bit?

Outline versus on the bit

The Chain Of Control

Achieve control with the horse


A guide to throughness by Simon Battram

Straightness and Bending

Some notes on straightness and bending by Simon Battram

The Double Bridle

A brief look at the double bridle.

Crookedness in the Equine Body

An article looking at crookedness / staightness in relation to dressage training.

Seeking the Truth

Looking at 2 scales of training.

Glossary of Terms

A list of common terms and their meaning.

The Purity of the Gaits

A guide to the gaits by Simon Battram


BD Judges Convention

My report from the BD Judges Convention 2012.

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