RosieB's Blog

The story of Cloneleigh Ebony Rose aka RosieB

The following is the blog of my wife Gill with her lovely horse 'RosieB'.

After losing her favoured mare Dozer some 10 years prior to getting RosieB, Gill took time out from riding. I have badgered her ever since to get back into the riding, something I knew she loved so much, but the loss of Dozer took its toll.

I finally managed to get Gill back into the saddle and we bought Cookie in January 2011. This unfortunately went seriously wrong and we lost Cookie in January 2012.

Gill now has Cloneleigh Ebony Rose, aka 'RosieB', and this, in her own words, is her blog of her journey with RosieB.

Blog Entries:

  1. 11th May 2013 - The beginning...
  2. 11th May 2013 - The start of the training...
  3. 16th May 2013 - The flip of the crest...
  4. 19th May 2013 - Schooling, then a hack!
  5. 12th June 2013 - The journey continues...
  6. 29th July 2013 - The next leg of the journey...
  7. 3rd January 2014 - A Winter catch up...
  8. 3rd January 2014 - In-Hand video update
  9. 9th Auguest 2014 - The Update...
  10. 17th December 2014 - The Visitors...

Click on the photo below to go the 'RosieB' photo gallery:

RosieB videos:

1. At the start...

2. In-Hand

3. Using the water feature..

4. Line dancing!

5. First ever jump.

6. Gill with RosieB

7. In-Hand update

8. *New* Developing the Piaffe

'RosieB' is supplied and cared for by:

Livery: Bury Farm Equestrian Village

Vets: Chiltern Equine Clinic

Farrier: Neil Saunders

Saddler: RB Equestrian

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