In-Hand; The Matching Of Life

The muscles bulged as the sweat glistened
The breath was deep and intense
The aura was that of a King
He was, is and will always be the one

How do I have the right to be in his presence?
Let alone feel that I can improve him
How dare I take that for granted?
He suffers me; not the other way around

We take life so personal
We should learn from the horse
He lives in the now and holds no grudges
Oh to live for the day, for the moment

I stand next to him, thinking madly
I know what I would like and want
How do I portray this without words?
I gather myself ready for the work in-hand

We move forwards, a step at a time
It’s not mechanics; its feel and a live connection
If I am to expect the best I must let go from deep within
I must simply be in the same space as him

I ask for a halt, he goes to brace
I am itching to hold, to brace in return
I let go, allow the hind leg to step through
I must give him a chance to gather himself

In life there is Yin and Yang
A flow and return; an ebb and flow
The key to the work is forwards to the hand
The forwards returned to the flexing of the hind leg

He starts to respond, he moves and yields
Goose bumps appear on my arms
I do not deserve this, I am not worthy
I plan ahead

We move sideways, step by step
I feel, invite, influence and stop thinking
It is now a matter of feel
Reaction to reaction, human to equine

My breathing is slow, my pulse racing
I want this to be right but for whom?
I want to improve, how egotistical?
At whose expense?

I feel a blockage; I try to “deal with it”
Now he should do this, I shall be firm
He should yield to me, he will move
He should not argue, he will submit

Then I remember, force solves nothing
Knowledge stops when force is applied
The feel of in hand stops when force is needed
I should know that by know

I flex, feel and sense
I try to assess his body
Not only the stance and alignment
The inner power, the mind and the being

I must align him externally and internally
But that’s what I should do to me first
Balance – it applies to all of life
When I am right he will be right

I breathe, pause and let go in my mind
I hold his energy not his body
I move his soul not his frame
Then we are as one

Simon Battram April 2008