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Schooling then a hack!

Sunday 19th May:

I gave Rosie the Saturday off so I was really looking forward to riding her today! We started off in the school, loose rein then flexion and off we went. I stuck to my guns, focused and forgot everything else going on around me. There were a couple of moments when she hollowed, dropped her back and rushed so I went gently back to halt and started the process all over again. I kept thinking patience, patience, ask wait and don't move off till you get the flip, pat her talk to her, give and give. I knew the moment she started to chew we were getting somewhere. Off I went into trot, gave the rein and at the same time put a touch of leg and she took the rein. She felt loose through her body and accepting the rein contact, yippee!!!! It felt elastic, soft with the left hind going into to the left bit ring and the right hind into the right. When I gave the reins completely she took the bit forward and down I could not believe it. Her ears were flicking back and forth so I knew she was trying to listen to me, inwardly I was thinking God I love my pony whilst at the same time thinking can't believe this is my pony lol!

A side note here, when schooling, if her ears are pricked forward you can be sure she is contemplating going off into her little la la world where I am sure there must be the richest meadows ever and other horses that she thinks are the best thing since sliced bread or whatever is going on in the school next door is far more interesting!! Anyway today was wonderful all that angst and worry I had about being useless and not good enough to ride her disappeared like magic but I am touching wood here as it could be different tomorrow, one can never be complacent with oneís self or with Rosie lol! Donít get me wrong we are not doing anything too wonderful, only concentrating on the basics, which are difficult enough, once they are established then going sideways will be easy. She will never have a problem with that! We only had one little misunderstanding on a turn (as she does like to be one step ahead of me) but other than that she was super and I felt ecstatic.

Two of my fellow liveries at Bury Farm and Rosieís field companions were also schooling their horses. One is a four year old black mare who is stunning and the other one is the beautiful matriarch of the two, keeping law and order in the field, she has the sweetest temperament. They asked me if after our schooling session whether I would like to go off for a nice gentle walk around the fields. This was my first hack with Rosie as I did not want to do it until I had some brakes, today just felt right so off we went. Well she felt like a rocket all the way round but a nice rocket, yes I was a bit wary but the most amazing thing was despite her tension and mine she kept on my aids softly! I kept thinking breath, relax your shoulders, elbows, sit deep etc., She even allowed me to slow her down with the lightest touch! Even when someone wheelspun their car on the other side of the hedge which made both the younger horses spook and jump forwards she came back to me instantly, my goodness all the work was paying off please God don't let it be fluke lol! Chatting with Anne and Suzanne helped tremendously and it was utterly and thoroughly enjoyable and I thank them for taking me with them and cannot wait to do it again. Rosie was a little star and I felt it cemented our relationship further. When we got back we turned them out, I felt so relaxed I thought I was going to fall over what joyful day it had been. It has made me realise that patience and of course the right help is so important, never give up even when the going gets tough!

Until next time, Gill and RosieB...