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17th December 2014:

So much time has gone by since my last blog it is almost frightening! Rosie is still fulfilling everything I could have ever wished for and more. Something has changed between us and that is me! Finally I have got my act together, I can hear you say Ďabout time Ď. She is now so much more established, no more tantrums, no more running off, no more let me go over there! She is soft in the contact, loose and mobile. Working in I can stretch her in trot, nose on the floor on both reins, pick her up and with a gentle feel, leg on and off we go on the bit and over the back. I can work around other people in the school, I can turn start and stop, amazing well it is to me!!!! The feeling is so wonderful I almost want to pinch myself to make sure it is real.

I also had to pinch myself when the Spanish Riding School came to Bury Farm. They used Bury as a stop off point before going to London. 28 stallions!! They were hand walked for seven days by the SRS grooms whilst the riders went back to Vienna after their Sheffield performance. It came as no surprise that upon their return they faced some pretty fresh horses but they had such good seats I thought maybe they used glue lol!

All of the riders were extremely friendly and obviously proud of their horses. We were so lucky to have been allowed to watch them ride each day. For me it took me back to when I was younger and so wanted to be the best rider in the world! Well despite knowing that will never be true I found them inspirational and we all need a bit of that now and again. They would sometimes watch me in arena one whilst waiting for a taxi to take them back to the hotel. I doubt it was very interesting for them but it made me sit up, hands in front and concentrate!!! On the third day I was riding in arena one and they were in three. We all waved at each other over the wall! What a surreal moment that was! Something I never thought would happen in my life time and probably will never happen again. Rosie spied them through the gap and I think she even rose to the occasion. Watching them made me realise how strict they are to every detail, 9 riders in a small arena and one lunging and no one got in each otherís way, amazing!!! I would have loved to have had my photo taken on Rosie with the stallions but thought no maybe not such a good idea lol!

My plan now for Rosie is to start more transition work, on and back, lateral work, basically to keep trying to improve her, also some pole work. I had a lot of trouble with straightness, especially when she is in season but we are getting much better thanks to Simon. I know what exercises to do to improve it and when she is straight the trot changes, becomes loftier and she is totally equal in the contact. That is when I get the really super feel, never thought I would even get this far with her. I know she can passage as she does it freely on the lunge, I know she can collect in the canter as she does that on the lunge of her own accord (when she feels like it). It is all there so ever onwards and upwards. She has given me more pleasure than I could ever have imagined, I could not be without her ever. I wake up each day and canít wait to be with her. I get the best greeting ever when I arrive or even if I go around the corner to get something she will greet me again on my return and if I touch another horse she makes it quite clear that I should only have eyes for her!!

Just a few days ago Rosieís breeder sent me some photos of her mum and dad and of her with her mum just one day old and a few months later. There she was tiny little thing with white eyelashes I could not believe it. Apparently her mum Kava who died a short while ago was a loving mare but could have her moments. They said Rosie was exactly like her mum and they are right lol! Her dad looks amazing and Rosie does that same rearing in the field. Now I will have a complete record of her from the day she was born.

Christmas is nearly upon us so I hope all of you have a good one!

Until next time, Gill and RosieB...